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Hardcore Superstar – March 21, 2005, Le Divan Du Monde,Paris (+ Double Crush Syndrome Nitrodive)

This evening should have been a whole Swedish one but I don’t know why, Bonafide hasn’t played (it was a pity !!) and was replaced by Double Crush Syndrome, a German band (which I had already seen a few weeks ago in Germany).

As we were a few fans expected to have the first row, we were waiting outside the venue from 17 pm. We even saw Jocke (singer) with Adde (drums) of Hardcore Superstar filming the crowd ;-)

The venue, small (I think we were about 300) is really nice : an old theater with balconies. And fortunatly, we have had our 1st row, yeah !!!

Hostilities began at 19 pm with Double Crush Syndrome. A very good band who played a punchy and very energetic hard rock, with a charismatic singer, close to the public !

2nd band :  the young Swede Nitrodive ; they define themselves as rock/punk-rock, but even if  I also liked their performance, I thought their set "softer" than the Germans one (the bassplayer looks like Swann from BlackRain).

                         Double Crush Syndrome                        Nitrodive

I also thought that the order of both first bands a bit strange because Double Crush Syndrome played much longer than Nitrodive (the opposite would have been more logical in my opinion).

The audience warmly welcomed the 2 bands and the atmosphere is quickly rises to never decrease).

                                       Blundie, my little HS Teddy Bear ;-)

At 21: 30 pm our superstars entered the scene, and coming first salute fans in front of the stage.
The band started his set with the excellent "We don’t Celebrate Sundays" and from the beginning, it was a big mayhem in the venue !! The heat increased and I think I've never been crushed like that against the stage before that !! But it hasn’t moderated our enthusiasm !

The band was very fit and the setlist fabulous !!!! They played for us all the standards (Moonshine, Dreamin in a Casket, Kick on the Upperclass ... + Someone Special, which wasn’t planned), and a few songs from the new album to come (The Cemetary, Touch the Sky - which was dedicated to Twisted Sister’s drummer AJ Pero, who suddenly died the day before the show...) ; these songs are very good live.

Many fans had made some banners, and each of them was highly appreciated by the band, especially one provided by two very young fans : "Please sing Long Time No See for young fans." The kids were standing on the stage to the right ; the band played the beginning of the song and it was super nice to see that ! After this little break, Jocke invited them to join him during the next song (Guestlist).

                       Setlist                                                         Kids on stage

Very great moment of the evening, just before the encore : Last Call for Alcohol. Jocke said he would like to have only girls on stage ; he began to choose some of them but it has quickly degenerated : I think all the girls climbed on the stage, including us. It was magic ! I had the chance to have a shot (they didn’t provide enough of course), but a little disappointed because it was vodka and not Jäger as usual ;-) It was really funny to see the crowd (so compressed a few minutes earlier) much more sparse and almost entirely male ! And of course, all the girls went to hug Jocke at the end of the song, and he said he had never had as many kisses as during this night !
I didn’t return on the 1st row after that because I was completely dry (and soaked because of the heat) : I preferred going to the bar to drink a big fresh beer !!

The gig ended with an amazing encore : Don’t Mean Shit (new album), Moonshine and Above the Law. Super final !!!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go seeing the first bands, as Amandine and I had the chance to meet Hardcore Superstar ! After a few moment of doubt (we haven’t had any information about the meet’n’greet...), we were accompanied in the dressing room with two other French people and ... wow !!
We got a very nice welcome ! Each of them took us in his arms and gave us two kisses on our cheeks (Swedish and French salutations) ; we talked with all of them (especially with Vic, the guitarist,  who loved my little Teddy Bear with his HS dress - Adde had some big cramps in his forearms, poor guy...) shared a beer, took pictures with the whole band... it was awesome !! I offered them a drawing I made and such a surprise for me (and a great pride I must admit) when Jocke recognized it right away and even remembered my nickname on Instagram !!

                                                     With the guys :-D

We left them with another big hug and Jocke raised both of us in his arms… It was ... surrealistic !! They all are really adorable.
We left the room with the new album on a promo CD and many happy memories in our heads !!!


Videos :
- "The Cemetary" (ici)
- Kids on stage (ici)
- "Last Call for Alcohol" - Girls on stage (ici)

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