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Fatal Smile : interview of Mister Y.

Voici une interview exclusive (en anglais) donnée par Mister Y. (fondateur et guitariste de Fatal Smile) pour ma page dédiée au groupe"Fatal Freaks" sur Facebook (voici le lien :


This is an exclusive interview of Mister Y. from Fatal Smile, for my support page on Facebook "Fatal Freaks" (here's the link  : 


It seems that "21th Century Freaks" is really appreciate by fans and medias. Which is your feeling about it ?

- Hell yeah, the album really got an outstanding welcome from media, press & fans all over the world so that´s freaking AWESOME !!! And to be honest, we didn´t expect anything else since we really put our hearts & souls in to this album to make it the best FS album so far... & I really think we made it... But of course, it´s a matter of taste.. 

As you said, "Fatal Smile is not a band but a gang". Do you think that this formation is the good one ?
- Yeah, with this present line up we´re absolutely more like a "gang"... In our case it´s more like a "retarded gang from hell"... & we´re only in this music business / monkey business to get filthy rich & travel the world & drink gallons of booze & to get "chicks for fre"e ... Or not??? ;-)
No, seriously we´re just a bunch of dudes that like to hang & play music & enjoy life to the fullest... Call it a gang or a band or whatever... We´re still FATAL SMILE... 

Are you still in touch with Fatal Smile ex members ? What are they become ?
- Actually I have no contact with them at all... Since we simply got nothing in common... But I guess they´re doing just fine & "living their dream"... ;-)
I believe that things happen for a reason in life & when things comes to an "end" & people go separate ways because they don´t have the same motivation & goals in life... Then things can only get better... No matter if it´s in your personal life, work or whatsoever... 

In which country where the group didn't play yet would you like to go ?
- That´s a hard question to answer since we still have a lot of places that we really wanna play...
But one of them is Brazil and "Rock In Rio"... I guess it´s just a matter of time before they´ll invite us to play there... ;-) 

Which public is the craziest ?
- I guess every single person that attends a FATAL SMILE show is "crazy" enough since they have to live thru a kick ass show that´s loaded with fire, bombs, smoke & 4 "freaks" doing their very best to entertain the audience.... I´ll say we really appreciate the audience that goes totally nuts & that gives a fuck to our music & goes "all in"... 

Your best memory in concert ?
- Getting a blow job from a "sexy rock´n roll milf" at Monsters Of Rock, 1986 in Stockholm while Ozzy Osbourne was on stage playing "The Ultimate Sin"...Good times for a "young & innocent" country side dude the like me... ;-)

And the worst ?
- Monsters Of Rock, 1986 in Stockholm... When the "sexy rock´n roll milf´s" husband finds out what his "dear wife" had been up to earlier that day... And all I can say is I was a pretty fast runner at that time since I was really skinny... like the dudes that always win the Marathons... Meanwhile Scorpions was on stage playing "Bad Boys Running Wild"... It all ended up well since I´m still alive... ;-) 

Fatal Smile members are very closed to their fans. This proximity is important for you ?
- Well, we´re doing our best to stay in touch with our fans since it´s a natural thing for us to do...
I mean, if you don´t take time & care for you fans... What the hell should they care for & support you ?? As simple as that... 

Who is the biggest freak in the band ?
- I guess we´re all really fucked up in this band and I that´s why we´re getting along so well...
It´s like everywhere we´re going in the world people really thinks we´re totally fucked up freaks... And we simply take turns being the biggest freak, asshole or whatever from time to time since you never know what mood we all are in and what´s going to happen... It´s like a "ticking bomb"...You´re sure it´s gonna explode but you´ll never know when/where and how much damage it will cause... 

Which Fatal Smile song is your favorite ?
- Also another question that´s really hard to answer since it all depends in what mood I´m in etc... But I guess I would say "Judgement Day" is one of them... and also S.O.B.... and also "For The Last In Line" since it´s our tribute to the one and only Ronnie James Dio - R.I.P. It´s really hard to pick just one song since I like them all...during different days... 

Would you like to do a cover (and which one) ? And a duet (with which singer) ?
- Well, I have never been a "cover dude... & I guess I´ll never be one either since I don´t really see any meaning to do another bands/artists song... I know a lot of bands/artists that got famous by doing a cover... and that´s great for them... ;-)
But a duet would sure be cool to do...But the ones that would been really cool to do it with is unforunately already passed away... Ronnie James Dio would have been really awesome as well as Layne Staley from Alice In Chains... 

Which song (other band) could you listen to again and again ? 
- There´s been a couple (like a million) of these songs thru the year... you´ll just put on repeat for days, weeks, months... Just to mention some of them would be, "Love Ain´t No Stranger" - Whitesnake, "Holy Diver" - Dio, "Heaven & Hell" - Black Sabbath, "Rooster" - Alice In Chains, "I Don´t Belive In Love" - Queensryche, "For Whom The Bell Tolls" - Metallica, "Balls To The Wall - Accept, "Welcome To The Jungle" - Guns ´n Roses "18 And Life" - Skid Row... The list goes on like forever...& ever... 

If you could organize your own metal festival, which bands would appear there ?
- Only good bands... like most of the bands I mentioned on the previous question... 

Except for metal, do you listen to another kind of music ?
- Actually these days I hardly listen to any metal or hardrock at all since I´m getting pretty fed up with that kind of music when I´m working & listening to that kind of music every day... So I´m mostly listening to some "relax music" so I can recharge my fucked up little brain... ;-) 

If you weren't musician, what would be your job today ?
- Pornstar!!! ;-)
No, seriously I guess I would had worked with design in some way since I like to create things... 

On a desert island, which object (just one) do you take along ?
- A helicopter or a speed boat so I can get the hell out of the island like after 1-2 months... ;-) 

It seems that you have no tattoos. Why ? Maybe you don't like body ornaments ?
- Actually I have tattoos...I´ve tattoed my eyeliners a couple of years ago & I think it was a great decision for me...
I really like tattoos & I think it´s really "rock´n roll"... BUT I´m sooo fucking happy that I didn´t do that "back in the day" since today I think everyone have a tattoo... and I´ve never wanted to be like "everyone else"... ;-) 

If you were a real freak, which would you like to be ? Vampire, werewolf, ghost... ?
- I guess I´m actually a vampire since I like the nights... & like to "sleep all day...up all nite".
Maybe something like the movie "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles"... ??

Lem, your fan number one (for thoseewho don't know him, it's the most little fan of FS, a crazy Teddy Bear you can see on "The Fatal Freaks album.), has some special questions for you : 

Do you like Jägermeister ?
- Hell yeah, I LOVE Jäger, that´s for sure!! But it has to be really ice cold otherwise it sucks !!! 

Do you know a few words in French ?
- Sure I do, since I´ve been in your lovely country on my vacations & we also toured there...
And I really love France & the lovely women & the outstanding champagne. you got there...
The only thing I´ll say for the moment would be VIVE LA FRANCE & LEM!!! ;-)
Hope to come back to France soon so we can hang with Lem... 

Do you like wrestling, and if yes, who is your favorite wrestler ?
- Actually I´m not that into wrestling but I thought it was cool back in the days...
My all time favorite wrestler is Mr Frank Andersson, that dude was so rock´n rollback in the days so you wouldn´t belive it... He also came up with one of the best lines ever in media back in 1984...
I can only say "kuken måste ha sitt..." - A lifetime rexpect respect for that & for Frank!!! ;-) 

And finally, if you were a woman, who would like you to be (known or unknown) ?
- Hmm... that´s a good question... I have never thought that thought before... & I must be totally "boring" since I really can´t come up with an answer... Sorry for that but I´ll get back to you if/when I know the answer... ;-) 

Subsidiary question : you said that you had recorded some new stuff. Does it mean a new album for the next year ?
- That´s for sure, a new album will be released before the summer next year, and if everything works out the way I want it we´ll be releasing a single from the forthcoming album in November...
And I guess that I don´t have to say that it KICKS MAJOR ASS !!! 

And to finish, do you want to say something to your Fatal Freaks fans ?
- A million thanks you all of you lovely people for all the support thru the years and also for BUYING our new album and NOT for beeing such a greedy bastards that just download´s it on the web for free...
Keep it real and support real music and expect some cool fucking news during this fall...
And "special thanks" to you Vanessa Heismiku for doing an awesome job with the page !!!
You guys are the BEST & I FUCKING LOVE YOU !!! 

Thanks a lot Y. to have given me some of your time for this interview.
- You´re so welcome & many thanks for your patience since it took some time to get it done... ;-)
Hope to see ya all on the road soon...
Peace & Love,

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