mardi 7 juillet 2015

Confess - Clusone (Italy), July, 3rd 2015

The last weekend, I was (for the 1st time) in Italy to see Confess (my fav band, but I don’t need to tell it…). They played in Clusone (a little town in the province of Bergamo in Lombardy) at the Clusone Rock Festival.

My Italian friends, Valeria and Michele, picked Sonia and me in their car in Milano ; we had about 1:30 hour to drive to the venue.

We arrived around 18:30 and after a little passage at my (super nice) hotel, we have been visited a bit the town (and it’s a marvelous one !!). We have even met the guys of Confess just before they left a rockin’ bar to go doing their soundcheck ;-)
To be honest, we were very afraid that their gig could be cancelled because of the bad weather : storm and rain…

After a good diner, we arrived on Piazza Manzu, the place where the festival was organized. Not too much people were there because the rain was still falling…But fortunately, the festival was not cancelled and the 1st band has played on the big stage. #fucktherain

After their good set, Confess entered the stage too !!! And super new : the rain just stopped and more people were finally arrived :-D

The sound was good and the atmosphere during the gig was very nice, many fans of the band were there. As usual, the setlist was great (but I missed “Back to hell” and “Get wasted”) but of course, too short. We can notice some special events like when John climbed over the metallic structure during “Got Lucky”, the super guitar solo of Blomman and… the loveliest moment of the evening : “Take aim” was played live for the very first time… !!! My heart melted when I saw John with the acoustic guitar… And I was so glad when he said it was for me on the beginning of this amazing and sad song I love… !

Of course, the guys were in a great shape and it’s always a big pleasure to see their energy on stage, their interactivity with their public and the togetherness in the band.

After the show, everyone was able to discuss with each member of Confess and to take some pictures with them.
These guys are very talented, but also very close to their fans and friendly with each of them.

It was my 3rd concert of Confess.
Not the last for sure… and it’s really a pity I can’t go to the next one at the legendary “Whisky a Gogo” in Hollywood (informations here). If you are around, don’t’ miss them (July the 25th) !

Confess on Facebook : here
Confess on the web : here

Setlist : 

Bloodstained highway
Get me down
Exit light
Pay before I go
*Guitar solo by Blomman*
Take aim
Setting sails
Got Lucky
What’s love go to do with it

Take aim

Take aim! Live in Clusone (Italy)
Posted by Andrea Donati on samedi 4 juillet 2015
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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