jeudi 12 juin 2014

Review : Confess : "Jail"

(Traduction en Français à venir)

Track list :

01. Pray for the Prey
02. Relationshit
03. Scream
04. Pay Before I Go
05. Take Aim
06. Bloodstained Highway
07. Setting Sails
08. Back to Hell
09. Got Lucky
10. Cardiac Arrest
11. Get Me Down
12. Intervention (Sin & Tonic, Pt. 2)
3. What’s Love Got to Do with It (Bonus)

Confess is a Swedish band formed in 2008.
“Jail” is their first album, released after a demo and an EP (“The Gin Act”).
The guys define their style as hard-rock/heavy metal with 80’s influences.
In my opinion, Confess plays sleaze music, and I don’t mind if some people says they sound like Hardcore Superstar or Crashdiet : their music is fuckin’ good !! 

I’m not a music specialist or a musician ; therefore, my review is only based on my own feeling and emotions.

“Jail” is composed by 13 tracks (one of which is a cover).
The first time I listened to this album, it was love at first sight ! And since that, I play it every day : it makes me on a great mood !

This album is very punchy, with some good and well written lyrics, amazing guitars, good drums, fuckin’ bass and perfect backing vocals and vocals.

I love all the songs ! Here’s my feeling about my favs : 

Relationshit” and “Scream” were already known when the album was released : kick ass songs with chorus that stay in your head and during which you just want to headbang and jump until you die !

Pay before I go” is THE song !!!! I can listen to this one  all day long… It’s a very energic and powerful one ; “air guitar” mode “on” !!

Take Aim” is a wonderful ballad. I’m not very fan of this kind of songs… but this one is absolutely beautiful… Nice melody, emotional sing and great and strong lyrics. It’s not a "love song" as we usually used to hear… It makes me crying... pure emotion.

Bloodstained Highway” is a very catchy song and “Setting Sails” has a very nice Irish bridge !

The rest of the album is pure happiness : killer riffs, beautiful solos, perfect rhythmic section… We can even find a little symphonic touch in “Intervention”, with a very pure and emotional part.

And to finish this excellent 1st album, Confess has made a very good Tina Turner’s cover “What’s Love Got to Do With It”; if you don’t like the original song, you’re gonna love this one !!

Sweden has a bunch of awesome metal bands. And now, you can count Confess in ! They are very talented, play some very good music, have a rockin’ attitude and look, and last but not least, they’r’e very friendly.

You must absolutely  buy this album.
Turn up the volume and “Scream” !!!!

Confess on the Web :

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